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Our values.  Our promises.  Our people.

Who we are

About our company

Founded in London in 2019

We are more than a bunch of people who just crunch numbers all the time.

Yes, we are accountants.  Accounting is in our DNA.  It's what makes us 'tick'. We are passionate about our profession.  It touches every part of every business.  Accounting is everywhere.  

The modern accountant is often also a marketing analyst, a facilities manager or even an IT investment advisor - all in one day.  That makes us more than just number crunchers.

We are trusted advisors to our clients.  A cloak we wear with pride, knowing that our craft enables our clients to make decisions about their businesses that will lead to success.

It is said that accounting is "the language of business".  We speak business.  Find out how we can speak the language of your business too!

"The language of business"

Our goals

Our hope

Our mission

"To provide accessible, affordable accounting services to anyone who wants them.  Fairly, openly priced and delivered with excellence."

Here is how we are realising our vision

cloud-server (1).png


Online.  Only online.  All the time.

Our cloud based platform enables you to access our services and your data 24hrs a day throughout the year.


Our commitments

We guarantee

Promises you can rely on

Quality Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with any work that we have done, we will redo it until you are, or refund in full the fees that you have paid for that service.  No quibble.  No hassle. *

* Subject to our Terms and Refund policies.  We cannot alter the accounting treatment of any item.  We cannot alter any financial result without having verified documentary evidence that was not already in our possession.

Price Guarantee

We guarantee

  • that the fees published on our website are the final fees you will pay for any service

  • that there are no hidden surprise fees (e.g. admin fees) that we do not disclose prior to purchase 

  • that there will be no automatic increase in the fees we charge you for as long as you are our client

Fees for any additional services will be billed as per the published price-list fee at the time of purchase.


Our people

Meet the team

Experts committed to your success

Dean Pitout

Director, Financial accountant

Dean is both director and founder of our firm and lead financial reporting expert.  He provides a comprehensive range of financial accounting services that focus on the reporting of the financial information of an organisation to external users, such as regulators, investors, and suppliers. His industry specialism is within the fintec sector.  He has been an accountant for more than fifteen years and lives in London.

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