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How we protect our intellectual property

As per our Terms of Website use the text and graphic content of this web site may be used and printed ONLY under the following conditions:

  • the content of the site is used for your own non-commercial purposes only;

  • copyright information is displayed (e.g. © Unsquared Accounting Limited 2020);

  • the content is not modified which includes but is not limited to ensuring that any pictures, graphics, photographs, audio files or similar are not separated from the text;

  • where it is sought to distribute the content such distribution does not take place without the written authorisation of Unsquared Accounting Limited.

Any other use of our content will be considered a breach of our copyright.  We always take legal action and/or report offences to the relevant authorities when our copyright has been infringed upon.

The content of this website, our logo and company name has been registered as trademarks and has been registered with the UK Copyright Service under registration number 284737288.

We always seek redress by means of legal action if any of our copyrights are intentionally violated.