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Can I download copies of your policies?

Yes, you can! All our policies can be downloaded in .pdf format. Click the link for the policy you are interested in below to download a copy. Privacy Terms Refund Disclaimer Anti money laundering Supply of services

Who owns accounting records?

The question of accounting records owndership can be a contentious one. In general the client own the accounting records. There are a few exceptions to this rule. In addition, if any client has any outstanding fees, we may (in certain circumstances) exercise a lien over those records. We have written a factsheet that has more detailed information about this subject. Click the link below to download a .pdf copy of it. Records owndership

Is information I provide to you kept confidential?

Yes. Any information you provide to us is kept confidential. Information includes any written document, any communication between us (electronic or verbal) and/or any information given to us by a third party regarding your financial circumstances. We will never disclose any data about you to anyone other than yourself and any persons you specifically authorise in writing to us. Please note: we are required by law to report suspicious activities to the Serious Crime Office. We have a detailled note regarding this obligation in our FAQ section. We encourage you to read it and takle note of it's contents. In the U.K. there are no legal provisions for client-accountant priviledge as there is for client-attorney priviledge (exceptions apply). However, ethically and as members of a professional regulatory body, we undertake to maintain client-account confidentiality at all times and in all circumstances.


Do you have a physical office location?

No. We are an online only practise. We don't have a physical office located anywhere. We offer several options to get in touch with us. Click the link to select the option that works best for you. Contact us

What are the requirements for proof of identity and address documents?

Proof of ID and address requirements: We are regulated by the Money laundering and terrorist financing (amendment) regulations 2019 which requires us to carry out a verification of your identity and address. Failure to comply with our request to supply documentary proof of your identification and address will result in the cancellation of services. No refund swill be given for cancelled services resulting from a failure to provide proof of identification and address. Who is required to provide proof of identity and address? We require verification of the identity and address from the following individuals: All shareholders/owners of a company who own more than 25% of the shares of the company All company directors Anyone who is considered a Person With Significant Control over a company who is not a director or owner of shares If the person with significant control is a legal entity, the owners/controlling parties of that entity Anyone who is not a citizen of the United Kingdom Anyone who makes use of our Address services What are acceptable forms of proof of identity and address? Identification Passport (must not be expired or within 1 month of expiry) Driving licence (photocard only) National identity card HM Forces identity card Student Card (must be current) Employment identification card Disabled drivers blue pass Address The document must be dated within the last 3 months, and it must show both the person’s name and address. HM Revenue and Customs Notice of Coding HM Revenue and Customs Self Assessment notification Telephone Bill – excluding mobile Bill Gas, Water, Electricity Bill Mortgage statement Council tax bill Bank statement TV licence All documents should either be in English or accompanied by an English translation by an Official Sworn Translator. How should documents be provided? Your documents should be uploaded with your order/payment form. If you cannot upload the documents with the form, they can be emailled to us at Please note that we cannot provide you with services if you do not provide us with documentary proof of both your identity and address. In order for your identification document to be accepted, the person who is named on the document must additionally send a selfie of himself/herself holding the same document (which must be visible and readable) which they have provided as proof of identification.
If documents cannot be emailed, or if you do not wish to send a selfie we will require your documents to be notarised by a Public Notary and sent to the following address:
Unsquared Accounting Limited Unit 2, 10 Hanover Place London WC2E 9JL

Why do I have to provide proof of identity and address documents?

We are regulated by the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2019 which requires us to carry out a verification of your identity and address.

What are your obligations under the anti-money laundering regulations?

All providers of accounting services must comply with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2017/19 (the “Anti Money Laundering Legislation”), which are intended to stop the activities of terrorists and other criminals by preventing them using accountancy services. If we do not comply with this legislation, we risk imprisonment. In order for us to comply with legislation we must, before we can act for your company, confirm: (a) the identity of the directors, (b) at any time we may also need to obtain evidence confirming the identities of third parties, and (c) the source of any money or funding of property or other assets. We assume that our clients are honest and law abiding. However, if at any time we have grounds to suspect that crime is being committed, we are obliged to make a report to the National Crime Agency (NCA). We are prohibited by the legislation from telling you that we have done this. In such circumstances, we cannot do any work for your company without consent from NCA. ‘Criminal property’ is money, property, other assets, rights or any benefit derived from criminal activity. Activity is considered ‘criminal’ if it is a crime under UK law, no matter how trivial. It does not matter who carried out the criminal activity. Even if you are honest in your dealings, if your property represents a benefit from someone else’s crime, we must still make a report. If there are grounds to suspect that any monies held in a client account are derived directly or indirectly from any criminal activity whatsoever, we may not release such monies until we receive permission to do so from NCA. Disclaimer: We will not be held liable for any loss suffered by you or any third party as a result of our compliance with the Anti Money Laundering Legislation.

Are all the staff at Unsquared Accounting Limited fully qualified?

All of our executive team and senior leaders are fully qualified chartered accountants and bookkeepers. All our senior staff are expected to enroll in CPD (Continued professional development) courses throughout their time with us. We also employ a number of part-qualified accountants. We are proud to do so and to help those valuable employees on the road to full qualification. In addition to academic and technical qualifications, all our staff bring with them years of experience of working 'out there' in business accoss a wide range of industries.

Are you auditors?

No. We are not auditors.


Can you help me set up a new company?

Yes we can! We offer a specialist service for setting up a new company. It's called ' Blueprint'. It's more than just a new company registration service, it's a toolkit to help you set up your new company in a way that is right for you whilst ensuring that all the legal aspects are taken care of at the same time. Read all about this service in our services for start-ups pages.

Are there any restrictions on your Blueprint plans?

There are no specific restrictions, but the Blueprint service has a few additional terms and conditions. Here they are: (1) We will create spending categories (accounts), configure basic settings and activate standard reports in the FreeAgent software. (2) Standard plan: 6 months. Xtra plan: 12 months. (3) Standard plan: we will do a walkthrough of essential features (in addition to set-up). Xtra plan: walkthrough as for Standard plan plus set-up of banking feeds and payroll functionality. (4) Registered office and/or service address for 6 month period. (5) 3 months with Xtra plan. Refer to our accounting services page for further details. (6) 3 months with Standard plan. Refer to our accounting services page for further details. The following specific terms apply to the purchase of our company registration services (Blueprint and options): (*) Add-on reduced fee offer is valid only if purchased with a Blueprint plan. Refer to the specific service pages for offers related to other services. (*) Plan fee (inclusive of Companies House and FreeAgent fees) must be paid for in full through purchase in our online shop. (*) Plans are for registration and/or set-up for one company only. Seperate plans must be purchased for additional companies. (*) Companies House fee is non refundable. The fee is paid to Companies House immediately on submission of registration application. (*) If your registration is rejected by Companies House you will have to pay the registration fee again on resubmission. (*) The FreeAgent fee is the subscription fee for the first month and is paid to FreeAgent immediately on receipt. Subsequent fees will be invoiced and taken by direct debit together with fees for other services. Details about FreeAgent's fees can be found on the Services homepage. (*) The amount of time required to register your company is subject to Companies House processing. We cannot guarantee how long it will take to complete the registration of your company. (*) We are required to verify the identity and address of all individuals. More information about this verification. (*) In addition to these specific terms our supply of services are subject to our general Terms and conditions.

Why do you separate your Blueprint service into plans?

We try to offer services that fit every budget and every situation. That's one of our main goals (read about our other goals in our about us pages). If we didn't offer plans, everyone, regardless of their budget, would pay the same fee for the same service. In that case we would have to restrict the features we could offer. That's not something we are prepared to do.

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How can I get a login?

You create an account and password on our website when you purchase services from us. Every client has their own client account where they can view details about their services, billing, send messages and more.

I have don't know what my account password is.  How can I reset it?

To reset your password, go to the login page and click the 'Forgot password' link to reset it. If you have forgotten both your username and password, please send us a message and so that we can give you further assistance.

How do I regsiter on your website?


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