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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We are an excitable bunch here at Unsquared Accounting. Never more so than today as we launch our blog. We have been hard at work getting together the content that will make up the posts in this blog. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we are enjoying putting it together.

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Here is what you can look forward to in our blog

The Unsquared blog will showcase content about the one thing that we love to do the most, showing how accounting can help to make your business better. If you want to know more about our passion head on over to the about us pages.

We will introduce you to the people that make Unsquared Accounting what it is.

We will tell you about the services that we offer.

We will give you our opinion of, and provide analysis of current issues affecting you.

We will give advice, tips, guides, best practices and more about a wide range of financial and business related topics.

We will try our best to answer any questions you have about any issues affecting your business.

Blog posts can be articles, lists, "How to" guides, e-books or infographics. Resource type posts (like ebooks) will include a download link if applicable. Please note that you are free to distribute any material that you download, but you may not distribute them for any monetary gain.

Let your voice be heard

We invite you to join in the conversation. You can comment with your suggestions, thoughts and questions about every post.

We want everyone who comments to feel that they can do so without being judged, criticised or ridiculed by anyone else. So we have developed the following guidelines for posting comments:

  • comment about the blog topic and try to make your comments go general interest to most readers;

  • profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, anything defamatory or discriminatory, offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant comments will be removed;

  • this is a public forum, therefore do not post anything private or confidential;

  • this is not the place to post complaints or customer service related comments;

  • finally, Unsquared Accounting reserves the right to remove any comment for any other reason.

Here are some of the things we want you to do:

  • ask questions (keep them relevant to the post);

  • voice alternative views and opinions;

  • encourage conversation and engagement;

  • like (or dislike) comments posted by others;

  • share posts on social media channels (please credit us and link back to this blog).

If you ask us a question, we will do our best to respond to you within one business day.

The views and opinions expressed here

The views and opinions expressed here, unless otherwise indicated, are the views and opinions held by the authors of each post. They do not necessarily represent the views and opinions held by Unsquared Accounting Limited.

Unsquared Accounting Limited do not accept any responsibility for any damages whatsoever that may arise from your use of any view or opinion expressed here.


Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you enjoy it and that your return to it.

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