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    Home About Services Pricing Support Blog Contact Callback Login Accountants, but so much more Trusted Information. Information that is accurate and reliable. We consider ourselves part of your team, working alongside you for your success. Sensible analysis of your financial data means that you can trust the advice that we give you. More information Bookkeeping Start-ups Advisory Payroll Tax accounting Year-end accounts Who we are Online accountants Bringing you smarter accounting Accountants for growth focussed businesses. Our range of services means that every accounting need is taken care of. Our expertise extends beyond mere number crunching. Accounting, but smarter! results driven strategic focus growth partnerships About us What we do Services We offer a range of customisable services for every need and every budget. Services Accounting Monthly or annual plans.Services for dormant companies & freelancers Payroll Mobile app, e-payslips, multi-pay calendars, easy reporting Taxation Corporation tax and VAT. Self-assessment for freelancers and directors Start-up New company planning, advice & registration at Companies House Advisory Regulatory changes, IR35, Brexit, Covid-19, business health-checks Our benefits Why choose us? Excellent service delivery Just because every business needs accounting services does not mean that you should accept less than excellent service delivery and customer service. We don't take for granted that our clients have chosen us to be their accountancy services provider. We aim to not only deliver professional accounting services, but do so excellently with the best customer service to go with it. Our process Testimonials What people say About us The team at Unsquared do so much more than just my accounting. They have enabled me to know my business more than I thought I could. I can now make sensible decisions based on actual data. And it's always up to date thanks to the Unsquared team. Sonia Mentor Bayview Catering My business was on a downward spiral. With the help of the Unsquared team I was able to turn it around into a growth spiral. Their advise was honest and tough. I appreciated the fact that they stood by me until my business fortunes turned for the good. Bradley Smith BS Engineering Callback Request a callback When it's convenient for you When is good to call you? (We are available 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday) now (within 30min) specify date & time 00:00 00:30 01:00 01:30 02:00 02:30 03:00 03:30 04:00 04:30 05:00 05:30 06:00 06:30 07:00 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:00 09:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:30 23:00 23:30 09:00 17/09/2021 Submit Your form has been submitted. There was an error. Please try again. 12:30 Insights From our blog Read the latest articles Unsquared Accounting 5 min Transformation. The new normal for accounting services. Everything that we know has changed in this tumultuous year 2020. Accounting services are no exception. In this article we take a look at 9 0 Post not marked as liked Unsquared Accounting 6 min 4 "Must have" business tools: software solutions no SME should be without Today we launch our "must have" business tools series. In this series we recommend business tools that you can use in your business. 3 0 Post not marked as liked Unsquared Accounting 2 min Hello! Salut! Hola! Ciao! Hallo! We are an excitable bunch here at Unsquared Accounting. Never more so than today as we launch our blog. We have been hard at work getting to 18 0 Post not marked as liked Read more Accreditations Experts in our profession You can be assured that you get the best

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    Feedback We value your opinion Feedback Read what others are saying Our inspiration to improve ourselves Congratulations on your superb new website Sonia Howse 21 May 2021 I am a former client. The service I received was outstanding. Anonymous 21 May 2021 Easy to navigate and find information. I like the many opportunities to contact you. Ray Beeston 21 May 2021 To leave your feedback, submit the form below. Your opinion Join in the conversation Submit your feedback with the form below ALL COMMENTS SUBMITTED VIA THE FORM BELOW WILL BE MODERATED PRIOR TO BEING PUBLISHED ON OUR WEBSITE. ​ We will publish comments, whether good or bad, provided that they do not defame, insult, deliberately provoke or be in any way derogatory about the race, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or political views of anyone else or contain profanity. Do not reveal any personal data about any person or organisation using this website whatsoever. Do not post links to other websites, affiliate links, product links or any copyrighted material. You may post comments anonymously, however if you want us to respond to you please enter your email address in the form. Please do criticise us but do so constructively. ​ Unsquared Accounting Limited is the final decision maker regarding the suitability of a comment to be published. Any decision that we make in that regard is final. We will not enter into a discussion about the merits of.a decision to publish or not to publish a comment. (or write "Anonymous" if you prefer) (if you want us to reply to you) Rate your experience Rate your experience Submit Your feedback has been submitted. An error occurred. Please try again.

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    Coronavirus Information hub - help available Pandemic Coronavirus information hub Help in times of crisis Find information about the help that is available for you and your business and how to access it The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had an enormous impact. Whether you’re self-employed, a business owner, employee, contractor, or freelancer, you’ll be facing a whole range of personal and business challenges. ​ The government has announced unprecedented support to protect the UK economy as well as everyone’s health. We’ve put together this COVID-19 information hub to try to make it easier to navigate the constantly changing support available. One of the best places to find information is on the government's own website at There you will find detailed information (much more than what we can give here) about all the measures that have been put in place. Details of the eligibility criteria for each of the measures and instruction on how to apply can also be referenced there. ​ The government have set up a very handy business support finder tool that will help you to navigate through the pages and detail. We recommend that you start here with our information pages before delving deep into the details the government provide. It can be overwhelming! We have summarised as much of the information provided as possible and present it here as an overview. Once you have decided what help is best for you (please contact us if you require any assistance at all) simply follow the links that we have included here to the pages that you require. Pandemic Support keyfacts Where, how, when To view and of the articles listed the the 'Additional resources' column, click on the relevant column/row Measure Aimed at Details Additional resources How to apply Link Status Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Employers Covers PAYE of Ltd Co drs, incl working through serv co, agency workers & workers using umbrella co. Appl close 31/03/21 CJRS Guide HMRC Online Live Self-employment Income Support Scheme Self-employed Sole traders & partnerships only (not directors of limited companies) SEISS Guide Check eligibility & make a claim onllne at Live Deferral of Self Assessment payment SA tax payers For payments on account due on 31/7/20 to 31/01/21 Applies automatically Live Additional time to pay your tax bills Business Contact HMRC Live Suspension of wrongful trading rules Business Applies automatically Live Small Business Grant Scheme Business £10k one-off grant for businesses paying little or no bus rates in Eng. Eligible bus contacted by their local auth No application needed Live Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Employers Small & med bus employing < 250 empl as at 28/2/20 Check eligibility and apply online at Live Lending facility for larger firms Business Large UK businesses Apply via company banks Live Business Interruption Loan Scheme Business UK businesses with turnover below £45 million per year CLBILS Guide Apply via company bank or one of the 40 accredited finance providers Live Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan Scheme Business Small & medium sized businesses loans up to £50,000 BBLS Guide Apply via company bank or one of the accredited finance providers Live Support for retail, hospitality and leisure Business Businesses in these sectors in England that pay business rates Applies automatically for the 2020/21 tax year Live Cash Grant for Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Business Property with rateable val of:– up to £15k eligible for grant of £10k – over £15k & < £51k eligible for grant of £25k. Eligible bus contacted by their local auth No application needed Live Support for nursery businesses Business Bus rates holiday for nurseries in Eng 20/21 tax yr. Eligible bus contacted by their local auth No application needed Live Support for businesses in Scotland Business Measures specific to Scottish businesses Check links on Live Support for businesses in Wales Business Measures specific to Welsh businesses Check links on Live Support for businesses in Northern Ireland Business Measures specific to Northern Irish businesses Check links on Live File accounts with Companies House Business 3 mo ext UK comp. Must apply before filing deadline Online Live Job Support Scheme Business Replaces Job Retention Scheme starting Dec 20. Support depends on alert level & local restrictions Claims from 08/12/20 JSS Guide Check links on Live

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  • Transformation. The new normal for accounting services.

    Everything that we know has changed in this tumultuous year 2020. Accounting services are no exception. In this article we take a look at what we think the new normal for accounting services should be. There is a perception that accounting as a service industry could have done much better in reacting to changes in the environment it operates in. In a lot of ways that is true but, unless you're an industry "insider", you may not be aware of the rapid pace of change the industry is going through. In this article I hope to showcase some of the very exciting changes that are occurring within the accounting industry at the moment. Many of these changes are long overdue. I will examine what the accountant of the future looks like and how delivering accounting services just became cutting edge. I'm going to examine the transformation of accounting services in three areas. They are: (a) the profession itself; (b) the accountant of the future and; (c) how delivering services have been transformed. The accounting profession Some things must never change I want to be clear from the outset: accountancy itself should not be altered every time the winds of change start to blow. Based on the fundamental principle that for every debit there must be an equal and opposite credit, and executed according to the double entry system must be left in place unaltered. The rules that govern how accounting is "done" are sound. They give the art of accounting credibility. The accounting profession has only recently been subject to major (industry wide) change with the introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It was right to make this change. It has made accountancy better but it has not fundamentally altered how accounting is done. That is how it must remain. The other components that make up the accounting profession must evolve whilst still preserving the fundamental principles that holds everything together. For some other things, change was long overdue Technology is a good example of this. For too long the profession has clung on to it's "old skool" methods and processes. Modern technological tools add so much value to accounting services, it's about time we caught up. Here at Unsquared accounting, we are very proud of the fact that we are tech savvy. If you use our services you have to be ready to use the tech that comes with it (with appropriate training etc). All I'm saying is that as a profession in which change has traditionally been slow, the reality we find ourselves in now has forced rapid changes on us. The profession is responding fantastically and we at Unsquared accounting are a part of that change! The accounting professionals The view that accountants are the 'men in grey suits, crunching numbers' are long gone. Thankfully. The modern accountant is so much more. Multi functional skillset A must have for every accountant is a skillset that enables him/her to be multi functional. Everything from being tech savvy, to being a visionary is required in our new reality. It is no longer enough just to be an expert in number crunching (important as that is). The modern accountant also needs to be commercially aware, understand their client's emotions, able to get excited about the growth plans clients have. The list goes on and on. Accountancy is not difficult. Being an effective accountant is not always as easy as it seems, and that's the challenge for us as accounting professionals. At Unsquared we have a development program that all our people are signed-up in. We focus on having professionals with multi functional skills, both hard and soft skills. Hard skills Strategic You see the big picture and can identify key patterns and themes in order to arrive at your chosen path. Analytical You are at home crunching large volumes of data to validate assumptions and make decisions. Detail-Oriented You value accuracy and can spot a transposed numeral or a missing decimal place from a mile away. Organized You’re able to keep large numbers of documents, deadlines and files organized so you can maximise your productivity. Results driven The accounting profession has moved from a time-driven industry to a results-driven one.  You focus on results. Expert Your strong subject-matter expertise allows you to provide accurate, relevant and valuable advice to clients. Soft skills Ethical You act with a bulletproof sense of ethics at all times, valuing honesty, trustworthiness and confidentiality above all else. Empathetic You understand that behind the figures are real people, businesses and livelihoods that you are working to support. Communication You can communicate even complex or unfamiliar ideas in a way that empowers people to take action. Learning You have a thirst for learning which drives you to acquire new and different skills and knowledge to become more valuable. Collaboration You’re adept at working with colleagues across the hall or across the world to deliver a superb result. Leadership You’re able to lead and inspire your colleagues with your insight, experience and innovation. The evolution of the client Well, you didn't think that as a client you were exempt from change did you? Clients demand a lot from their accountants (as they should). At Unsquared we think it's ok to demand some things from our clients in return. We want you to place true value on us and the role we play in your business. We want you to give us the opportunity to become your 'trusted advisors' and your growth partners. We say, without thinking we're better than everybody else, that if you want just number crunching accountants then we are not the right fit for you. We don't operate that way. If we cannot collaborate with you, get excited about your dreams or feel that our opinion is not valued (notice how I don't say 'followed' when I write about our opinion) then we feel as if we're doing a sub-standard job for you. In those circumstances no-one gains anything. We don't want you to expect us to be a traditional accounting firm. We're not. Accounting is our principle expertise. Our firm has been structured in such a way that our accounting expertise becomes stiff and unwielding when it's not blended together with other aspects of our service delivery mantra. Things like using technology to deliver our accounting expertise. What's wrong with providing recommendations how to improve your business marketing alongside the financial report that shows your marketing department is loss-making? In other words we want you to change your mindset about accountants. In conclusion I believe that the changes we're seeing are just the beginning of what is going to be a long process. The challenge, for all of us, will be in being able to identify changes that are necessary vs. those that are not. As always we will do our best to be ready for positive change and it is my heartfelt desire that every client and prospective client will partner with us and change for the good in this, our new normal. To find out more about the services we offer, please visit our services pages. #newnormal #opinion #services #accountants

  • 4 "Must have" business tools: software solutions no SME should be without

    Today we launch our "must have" business tools series. In this series we recommend business tools that you can use in your business. We use all of them ourselves and can bear witness to their effectiveness in our practice. Today we look at software and how it can make your business better. I vaguely remember the days when things were written down using pen and paper. These days 'writing down' takes place using software. Finding the right software solution for your business should be a strategic decision, made with your growth ambitions in mind. I can hear you asking: "Why are you talking to us about software? You're an accountancy practice!" Yes we are that, and because we are we care about your business being efficient, productive and above all profitable. Utilising software fit for purpose in your business has a direct impact on all three of those areas. The big four software solutions, the ones you use for (a) customer relationship management (CRM) & communications; (b) finance & sales; (c) productivity; and (d) marketing & social media fall into the big ticket item category. Let me show you what we use in our practice and why it works for us. In pole position I am a Google junkie. Their range of products include some of the best solutions available to start-ups, sole traders and small and medium sized businesses. None more so than G-Suite. G-Suite is a collection of business, productivity and collaboration software. Integrated into one 'suite' across almost all of Google's products. Google's marketplace makes integration with hundreds of non Google software suppliers effortless. Three of our most important business tools, Gmail, GDrive and Calendar also form the core of the G-Suite product. We are increasingly using Meet for online meetings and Chat for internal messaging. Google's offering of custom email (and web) domains, unlimited cloud storage and 24/7 support adds more value to an already outstanding product. If your business has a website (I hope it does!) you'll love how it integrates with Google Analytics, Adsense, Google cloud services, webmaster and YouTube. The support site is one of the better ones around, and their blog is packed full of useful articles. Don't just take our word for it. Navigate to the G-Suite homepage and read for yourself some of the testimonials from G-Suite customers (as of April 2020 G-Suite had six million business customers). Here is why we consider G-Suite to be a "must have" tool: it's cheap. That's right, you won't have to pay through your nose for this service. Their simplified, flexible pricing structure and no minimum tie-in makes converting worthwhile (in 2019 G-Suite pricing was increased for the first time in over ten years!). Unlike some of Google's other products, G-Suite users are not bombarded with any advertising at all. The second of our big four software solutions, is our accounting "must have". FreshBooks You will be hard-pressed to find a software solution that is more user-friendly and robust than FreshBooks. It is an all-in-one small business invoicing and accounting tool. FreshBooks is MTD (making tax digital) compliant, HMRC approved and packed full of features designed to make your bookkeeping effortless. Expenses management, time-tracking, estimates, payment integration, reporting suite and outstanding invoicing functionality are just some of the features that this software offers. In their words FreshBooks describes itself as "software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure. Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love." FreshBooks offers great integrations (e.g. G-Suite, Dropbox, Trello) to help you make your business more productive. New integrations are added on a regular basis, resulting in its "must have" credentials increasing with every new addition. Brilliant customer support, an app for on-the-go bookkeeping, industry standard SSL and data encryption, twenty-four million users in more than one hundred and sixty countries means that you simply cannot go wrong with this software. One of FreshBooks outstanding features is how easy it is to use. Requiring only an minimal (but worthwhile) investment of time, anyone can use the invoicing and basic bookkeeping functions. Unsquared was recently certified by FreshBooks and accepted into their accounting professionals program. This means that we have undertaken mandatory training to use all of the features that FreshBooks offer. Not only can we onboard you, but you also have the ability to invite us into your organisation as your accountants. Sign-up through us is hassle free and your the first ninety days is completely free of charge. All you have to do is send us a message via your client portal account and we'll take care of the rest. Disclaimer: Unsquared Accounting receives a referral bonus for every new sign-up. Find out why we ring fence this type income and how we use it here. Here is why we consider FreshBooks to be a "must have" tool: we use it to do our own books. We think that if its good enough for us to do our books with, it should be good enough for you to do yours. The third and fourth of our big four software solutions, is our customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing "must have". HubSpot Do you know what outbound marketing is? How about content marketing? Do you have a content strategy? Is your brand book up-to-date? Perhaps you don't know how to effectively deal with your customer's queries? Struggling to convert leads into customers? Ladies and gentlemen I give you HubSpot! Hubspot is the one-stop shop for all things marketing, sales, CRM and customer service. At face value not the most exciting subjects to study, but nevertheless absolutely business critical. In this digital, fast-paced, global business environment we operate in, knowing which social media channels to market your products and services in is essential. Generating leads into sales before they disappear to go elsewhere could be the difference between making a profits or having to report losses. The software is offered in four "hubs", CRM, marketing, sales and customer services. CRM hub to help you organise, track and build relationships with leads and customers. This software is offered completely free forever. A marketing hub for growing traffic to your website and tips and advice to give you the best chance to convert your leads into customers. The starter plan (ideal for small businesses) is offered completely free forever. A sales hub to help you gain deeper insights into prospects through meaningful analytics and reporting. It provides you with skills necessary to close deals. The starter plan is also completely free forever. A service hub for connecting with customers on a meaningful level. Some of the features of this hub include a helpdesk ticketing system, a knowledge base and customer feedback forums. Again the starter plan is completely free forever. The software makes more than four hundred different integrations possible (including both G-Suite and FreshBooks). The CRM hub comes with personalised, guided on-boarding. The support site is comprehensive and backed-up by a community of users willing to help and guide you. The two outstanding features that HubSpot offers are (a) their blogs; and (b) their academy. The HubSpot blogs (marketing, sales, customer service, CRM and website development) receives more than seven million visitors every month. They are jam-packed full of articles that comprehensively cover the subjects they are dedicated to. In addition, a very large percentage of blog posts contain downloadable resources. Their academy makes it possible for a someone who has very little or no knowledge of marketing, sales, customer service and CRM to gain the skills needed to benefit their organisations. The lessons are interactive and some even lead to some kind of certification. Most of the course offered are completely free of charge. Here is why we consider HubSpot to be a "must have" tool: everything is completely free forever. The sheer volume of professional advice, training and resources offered by HubSpot, completely free on the starter plans is unprecedented. Don't pass this one by, it's worth every minute you invest. A final thought. Making change merely for the sake of it is not a change for the better. Honestly assess the software that you have. Consider: Do you spend a lot of time doing additional data analysis outside of the application? Do you ever wish the software that you use could do more? If you have a problem, do you have unnecessary down-time whilst you wait for support? Do you fear that the next malfunction will render it completely inoperable for good? Does the software help or hinder your growth ambitions now? If you answer 'no' to most of those questions you probably don't have to change anything. On the other hand if you answer 'yes' to most, I suggest you prioritise making a change. Unsquared offers an evaluate and recommend service particularly aimed at the software you use and how it can be improved. Find more information here. The recommendations in this article are just that, recommendations. I stated at the beginning that we make these recommendations based on our use of the software in our practice. I accept that it may not fit your particular business. If you are using other software tools (in one of the big four categories) to great effect in your business, please do share the details by commenting on this article. Upcoming articles: in part two of our "Must have" business tools series we will be discussing skills that every business owner, director or manager "must have".

  • Hello! Salut! Hola! Ciao! Hallo!

    We are an excitable bunch here at Unsquared Accounting. Never more so than today as we launch our blog. We have been hard at work getting together the content that will make up the posts in this blog. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we are enjoying putting it together. Here is what you can look forward to in our blog The Unsquared blog will showcase content about the one thing that we love to do the most, showing how accounting can help to make your business better. If you want to know more about our passion head on over to the about us pages. We will introduce you to the people that make Unsquared Accounting what it is. We will tell you about the services that we offer. We will give you our opinion of, and provide analysis of current issues affecting you. We will give advice, tips, guides, best practices and more about a wide range of financial and business related topics. We will try our best to answer any questions you have about any issues affecting your business. Blog posts can be articles, lists, "How to" guides, e-books or infographics. Resource type posts (like ebooks) will include a download link if applicable. Please note that you are free to distribute any material that you download, but you may not distribute them for any monetary gain. Let your voice be heard We invite you to join in the conversation. You can comment with your suggestions, thoughts and questions about every post. We want everyone who comments to feel that they can do so without being judged, criticised or ridiculed by anyone else. So we have developed the following guidelines for posting comments: comment about the blog topic and try to make your comments go general interest to most readers; profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, anything defamatory or discriminatory, offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant comments will be removed; this is a public forum, therefore do not post anything private or confidential; this is not the place to post complaints or customer service related comments; finally, Unsquared Accounting reserves the right to remove any comment for any other reason. Here are some of the things we want you to do: ask questions (keep them relevant to the post); voice alternative views and opinions; encourage conversation and engagement; like (or dislike) comments posted by others; share posts on social media channels (please credit us and link back to this blog). If you ask us a question, we will do our best to respond to you within one business day. The views and opinions expressed here The views and opinions expressed here, unless otherwise indicated, are the views and opinions held by the authors of each post. They do not necessarily represent the views and opinions held by Unsquared Accounting Limited. Unsquared Accounting Limited do not accept any responsibility for any damages whatsoever that may arise from your use of any view or opinion expressed here. Finally... Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you enjoy it and that your return to it. #UnsquaredAccounting #conversation #socialmedia #services

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