Our process

How we provide services

Seamless onboarding

How our services work

Smarter accounting, not number crunching

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We get you set-up
After we've taken care of the initial paperwork, we set-up an account for you on our servers, show you how everything works and get the documents we need to start from you.
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We do the work
We do the work you have asked us to do for you.  If we need anything from you we will get in touch.
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We deliver results
We deliver real-time and/or monthly reporting.  At year-end we prepare and file your accounts and taxes.
Fallen behind with your historical bookkeeping?
We will bring your accounting up-to-date if you've fallen behind historical bookkeeping.  If you're more than a year behind our specialist team can help!  We will bring your accounts up-to-date, prepare and file your annual accounts and taxes.  If you owe tax we can deal with HMRC on your behalf and work out an affordable repayment plan.

Catch-up accounting

Fallen behind with your books?

Specialist catch-up service to the rescue!

Get your finances in the clear with our catch-up service

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Fast turnaround times

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Dedicated bookkeeper

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Accurate & professional

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Accounts filing add-on

Visit our pricing page for details of our fees and how to order

* Please note this service requires you to have accounting software

Financial reporting

Meaningful reporting

Essential business insights when you need them

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Real-time cash flow tracking
Your dashboard lets you track cash impacting transactions in real-time and in one place.
Clear financial statements and reports
See what your money is up to.  Income statement, balance sheet and other reports at your fingertips.
Detailed expense tracking
Manage your expenses like a pro.  See where your business is doing well and where improvements are needed.

Ordering services

How to get services

Our onboarding process explained

When we talk about ordering services, we mean it to be more like making a booking or reservation.  You don't have to make any payment when you order services.  We will invoice you when we have completed the work.


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